U.S. $ 100M are allocated to the National Sustainable Tourism Development Fund

The Chilean Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Luis Felipe Céspedes, announced that US$100 million will go to the National Fund of Development of Sustainable Tourism for the period 2015-2018.

This initiative, which is part of the Agenda for Productivity, Innovation and Growth, “will finance and manage promotional activities, development activities and offer products at destination, enabling infrastructure and advocacy, quality and training in the sector to allow its thrive and overcoming the gaps, “the official said.

The Minister made ​​the announcement at the 1st Forum of Leadership in Tourism, to reaffirm the importance of tourism as a countercyclical productive activity, focusing on regions, to contribute to the national and local identity and where there are large spaces for growth and innovation.

Through the announced Fund, the Government will prioritize the promotion of tourism sector, investment in infrastructure, the development of offers in activities and products at destination, in addition to cooperation in quality certification and human capital. The Minister announced that this year there will also be conducted studies to identify, among others, gaps and development opportunities in the areas of development of the cruise and connectivity industry.

“The US$100 million will finance the Tourism Development Plan through the National Fund, which in turn will we channelled through different lines as national and international promotion; human, infrastructure and product development, through public institutions with their own equity instruments, “said Undersecretary of Tourism, Javiera Montes. She also confirmed that funds for the promotion of tourism will be doubled from U.S. $ 13 million to $ 26 million, but said it is evaluating how this decision will be implemented.

On supplementary challenges of tourism development agenda, the Under-Secretary stressed the start value will be enhanced in National Parks and Protected Areas for providing them with the infrastructure and services required for visitors. Public investment and development instruments focusing on the areas of tourist interest, the development of tourist areas in Extreme Areas of the country and promote social programs will be strengthened, including a new program for family holidays that will add to the existing associated with travel for seniors citizen and study tours.

Source: http://www.innovacion.gob.cl/