PepsiCo recognizes Chilean Company CCU as the “Bottler of the Year” worldwide

For the first time in its history, Chilean Company CCU was awarded the prize “Bottler of the Year” at a global level, PepsiCo distinction delivered to only one of more than its 200 bottlers across five continents.

The “Bottler of the Year” from PepsiCo, award that has a history of over 25 years recognizes each season the top three international bottlers, one in Europe, one in AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa) and one in Latin America. Of these three participants with the highest distinction a winner is chosen, decision made by Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo.

To give this award are considered factors such as brand value, sustained growth in market share and volumes, alignment with PepsiCo initiatives and development of new joint initiatives, customer service, product quality and care for the environment, among others.

In 2013, CCU was elected Bottler of the Year for the Latin American region, recognition which again won this year having won this time also, the maximum award for Best Bottler in the world, becoming the first national company to do so.

The award ceremony was held on Friday June 13 in Cancun, Mexico where Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO, presented the award to CCU, represented by Andronico Luksic, Chairman of CCU; Patricio Jottar, General Manager of CCU, Francisco Diharasarri, General Manager of CCU Bottler (ECCUSA) and other executives of the national firm.

Andronico Luksic, Chairman of CCU , said that “as a Chilean company, we are very proud to be up to the challenge of having partners of the highest level worldwide, as evidenced by this recognition.”

Meanwhile, Luis Montoya, President of PepsiCo Beverages Latin America, said that “because we have a long term relationship with CCU, based on a firm foundation, we have been able to develop new products, investing in technology and innovation. All of the above has allowed us as PepsiCo to deliver our global know-how, through a local view of CCU, so the mix is ideal and has worked in an excellent way. ”

(Source: Emol)