On International Recycling Day: Quick note on Recycling Bill in Chile.

Despite being one of the OECD countries that produce less waste, Chile is considered the dirtiest of Latin America, with more than 6 million tons of waste is discarded nationwide each year, of which only 10% recycled.

Every resident of Chile produces about 383 kilos of waste per year, the average in other countries of Latin America is about 230 kilos. The recent census of 2012 showed the low environmental awareness of Chileans since only 16.9% of them stated that they recycle.

This should all change after the Recycling Bill is passed. The basis of this project is in the Extended Producer Responsibility , which in the case of packaged products , means that the manufacturer must take care of the waste generated once the product lifespan is over.

We can all agree that the bill is a necessary step forward Recycling. However, for recognizing the benefits of the project, it is essential to encourage active particip